Welcome to FITCEN

Welcome to FITCEN

Since 1970, Fukuyama Industrial Translation Center, Ltd. has been a provider of comprehensive translation services to businesses and nonprofit organizations with a keen focus on gaining, maintaining and expanding an international presence. From patent filings and financial statements to technical manuals our dedication to quality has earned us a reputation as a highly valued partner in support of each of our distinguished client’s specialized needs and opportunities.

Our staff effectively combines experience and professionalism to ensure that our translation services are timely, linguistically accurate and culturally sensitive. We also offer complete desktop publishing services and through our multimedia support can deliver via hard copy and/or electronic files.

Translation ServicesSince cost and quality are as important to us as to our clients, from the initial point of contact:Our sales team works closely with each client to ensure that cost and service expectations are met for each document
delivered.Because we believe and understand how important the role of proofreading and editing a document serves in the translation process, we methodically implement our Total Quality Control (TQC) check system to ensure that each of our client’s translated documents will be as clear, concise and consistent as the original.Throughout the entire process we value our team approach to maintaining the highest quality standards and ensuring client satisfaction. In order to achieve our goals, effective communication among the staff and with the client is essential.

PatentsFITCEN provides high quality cost-effective translations of scientific and technical patent filings and patent-related documents to its clients in accordance with the presentation requirements of the targeted filing office. We understand that patent professionals demand clear and accurate translations for which legal actions and/or industrial decisions will be based.Our translators offer years of experience in fields including: biotechnology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmacology, medicine, surgical devices, communications, computer systems, electronics, precision instruments, semiconductors, automotive engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.Because we understand the exacting demands in this field, each fully formatted translation including tables and drawings in accordance with client requirements is carefully proofread, edited and verified for accuracy and agreement with legal conventions and the most recent terminology.

Our rigorous Total Quality Control (TQC) check system ensures attention to detail, uncompromising standards and clear and accurate translations our clients depend on and expect. Our commitment to total quality also includes maintaining open communications with patent attorneys and patent departments in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Our patent translation services for EPO, JPO, PCT and USPTO include:

Patents for Filing

Examiner’s Opinions

Patents for Information

Desktop PublishingFITCEN’s comprehensive translation services also include a complete in-house word-processing, desktop publishing and graphics solutions facility. Our staff can produce high quality multilingual desktop publishing documents created in Adobe PageMaker, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. We can also deliver new document layouts according to each client’s needs.Because we also offer localized versions of graphic applications in Japanese, Chinese and Korean, our staff can translate and produce business cards, brochures, catalogs, manuals and web pages in these languages utilizing existing graphics and inserting the translated text saving each client time and money.We deliver translations in various formats and media, as a hard copy and/or electronic file for both Windows and Macintosh platforms and according to the application requested by the client. We also produce and deliver EPS and PDF files.

LanguagesFITCEN can provide translations in many languages including:

  • ・Arabic
  • ・Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • ・Danish
  • ・Dutch
  • ・English
  • ・Finnish
  • ・French
  • ・German
  • ・Greek
  • ・Indonesian
  • ・Italian
  • ・Japanese
  • ・Korean (Hangul)
  • ・Norwegian
  • ・Portuguese
  • ・Russian
  • ・Spanish
  • ・Vietnamese

IndustriesFITCEN provides translation services to companies large and small, nonprofit organizations, as well as government agencies. These industries include:

  • ・Accounting
  • ・Automotive
  • ・Banking
  • ・Biotechnology
  • ・Chemicals
  • ・Computers
  • ・Consumer Products
  • ・Education
  • ・Electronics
  • ・Energy
  • ・Environment
  • ・Financial Services
  • ・Food Health Products & Services
  • ・Information Technology
  • ・Insurance
  • ・Legal Services
  • ・Manufacturing
  • ・Medical Products & Services
  • ・Materials & Construction
  • ・Real Estate
  • ・Retail
  • ・Telecommunications
  • ・Transportation
FeesWe are committed to providing our clients with highly accurate and reasonably priced translations. In many cases, we can reduce your translation fees by up to 20% to 30%.In order to pass along such savings to our clients, we deliver translations at one highly competitive fixed price. Before accepting an order, our clients are guaranteed a firm quote free of charge and at no obligation. Compare our prices to those of your existing translation provider by simply asking us for a quote on a previously billed translation.

Total Quality Control (TQC) StatementOur Total Quality Control (TQC) check system was developed to meet the needs and standards of our clients, their international audience and each respective translation field. We understand that inaccurate translations could jeopardize the reputation, intellectual assets and opportunities of each of our clients.For this reason, FITCEN has adopted its rigorous Total Quality Control (TQC) check system that ensures attention to detail, uncompromising standards and clear and accurate translations our clients can depend on and expect.Our commitment to total quality includes effective communication with each of our clients, professional and prompt customer service and after-sales support.

We provide certified and sworn statements for all legal documents upon request.

Links and ResourcesLinks to Government Patent Offices and Organizations
・The Japanese Patent Office : http://www.jpo.go.jp/
・The US Patent and Trademark Office : “http://www.uspto.gov/
・The European Patent Office : http://www.european-patent-office.org/
・The Australian Industrial Property Organization : http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/
・The Canadian Intellectual Property Office : http://www.cipo.gc.ca/
・The United Kingdom Patent Office : http://www.patent.gov.uk/
Company Profile & Contacting FITCEN
・Name : Fukuyama Industrial Translation Center, Ltd.
・President & Representative Director : Michihiko Matsuba
・Established : July 1970
・Head Office : 2-16-3 Nogami-Cho Fukuyama-Shi Hiroshima 720-0815 Japan
・Tel : +81-(0) 84-921-2888
・Fax : +81-(0) 84-926-0065
・E-mail : fukuyama@fitcen.co.jp


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